Intelligent STC-IPX2050A IP security camera with video analytics, Full D1 and support of H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG-4

Smartec Day/Night IP-security camera

  • 1/4” CMOS image sensor
  • Built-in 3.6 mm lens
  • Н.264, M-JPEG/MPEG-4 compression support
  • VCA Technology video analytics
  • Resolution, ranging from CIF to Full D1, 30 fps of recording speed
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Audio input
  • Buil-in hardware motion detection
  • Day/Night software function
  • NetStation management software

Multi-functional STC-IPX2050A Day/Night IP security camera features compact dome-type housing and can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall. To adjust camera’s viewing direction, it is recommended to use a 3-axis mounting bracket. It enables the operator to install this model on horizontal and vertical surfaces without using an additional bracket.

The outstanding advantage of STC-IPX2050A is its VCA presence video analytics algorithms with the ability to extend the number of functions by activation of optional VCA surveillance license.

The main advantages of VCA video analytics:

  • Reliable tracking mechanism – IP security camera provides a high-quality objects’ detection with a small number of false alarms, caused by changes in external lighting conditions (the shadows of clouds and trees, rain, fog, etc.)
  • An automatic adaptation of video analytics to changes of lighting and weather conditions. IP camera provides non-stop operation even in a temporary, partial or complete cover of the camera.
  • Easy web-based setup of monitoring area without using special software.
  • IP security camera with VCA can operate as an alarm sensor, if its alarm output is connected to the input of the recording or signal activation systems.
  • HTTP API for STC-IPX2050A settings and event notifications; RTSP for video streaming; XML language for displaying information on the events.
  • Built-in digital stabilization, which allows video analytics to operate with loss of effectiveness even if in camera vibration.

Description of software modules:

I. The main functions of VCA presence:

  • Detection and identification of objects and people in the monitoring area.
  • Selecting focus areas, in which each zone can generate its own alarm.
  • Tracking of multiple objects (IP security camera can track up to 100 objects simultaneously).
  • Checking unauthorized manipulation: movement, camera shrouding and refocusing.

II. The main functions of VCA surveillance:

  • Size and Speed Filters for preventing false alarms. These filters allow the operator to perform object classification.
  • Direction Filters for setting “acceptable” and “unacceptable” directions of movement.
  • Detection of the object in the unauthorized area.
  • Object’s temporary stay in the surveillance area longer than usual. Signal of this event IP security camera can activate the signal on this event both for temporary stay and moving of the object within security area.
  • Control of object’s entrance and leaving of the surveillance area.
  • Appearance and disappearance of various objects or items in the security zone.
  • Count the number of objects: ascending/descending sorting.
  • Double Border: two border lines located at a distance from each other. IP camera activates alarm signal in case of crossing these borders.

High-quality video at 0.1 lux of minimum illumination
STC-IPX2050A is equipped with 1/4″ CMOS with 550 TVL resolution and 0.1 lux of minimum illumination. This IP security camera also features Day/Night software function and automatically switches from Color to B/W mode when reaching 1 lux of illumination level. In addition, this camera also can transmit high-quality video over the network at up to 3 lux in Color mode and 0.1 lux in frame accumulation mode.

Dual-stream video in H.264/M-JPEG/MPEG-4 and two-way audio
NEYRO Series devices are equipped with original DSP processor, which digitizes the video signal, converts it into H.264 or M-JPEG/MPEG-4 and can transmit dual-stream video over IP-based network in real time. Security system operator can adjust camera operation by choosing one of the three levels of video compression, video resolution – Full D1 (720×576 pix.), VGA (640×480 pix.), CIF (352×240 pix.) or QCIF (176×144 pix.) – and video framerate. In addition, IP security camera can transmit informative image with audio and provides two-way audio communication.

Management software and STC-IPX2050A configuration over the network
When using NetStation professional software, Smartec camera can be optimal solution for the deployment of large and distributed security systems. This software allows the operator to provide real-time monitoring, recording, search and playback of video archive, as well as system administration and STC-IPX2050A network management. In addition, NetStation enables camera to search of video fragments in the archive and to manage alarm inputs/outputs of the device, as well as to create and use eMap graphic plans.

Specification of Smartec STC-IPX2050A NEYRO IP security camera

Image Sensor: 1/4″ VGA CMOS
Effective Pixels: 640×480
Resolution: 550 TVL
Minimum Scene Illumination: Color.: 3 lux

B/W: 0.1 lux

Video Compression: Н.264, M-JPEG, MPEG-4 (with ability to choose codec for each channel)
Resolution: 720х576, 704х576, 640х480, 352х240, 176х144
Video Framerate:  30 fps
Camera Lens: Built-in Standard 3.6 mm/F2.0
2-way Audio: Available (settings: codec/resolution/framerate etc)
DSP digital video processing: Available
Audio I/O: 1/1
Audio Compression: G.711
VCApresence video analytics: Detection algorithm, false alarm protection, tracking up to 100 objects, control camera obscuration
Motion detection: Available


FTP, DDNS, SSL v2/v3, IEEE 802.1X, SSH

Input Voltage: 12 VDC, 300 mA
Working Temperature: 0о…+50оC, up to 85% of humidity
Dimensions: 124×100 mm
Weight: 300 g